• Maxforce Complete Insect Bait (8 oz., 4 lbs.)
  • Maxforce Complete Insect Bait (8 oz., 4 lbs.)

Maxforce Complete Insect Bait (8 oz., 4 lbs.)

Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait is a new bait from Maxforce that contains hydramethylnon and treats a wide variety of crawling insect pests such as ants, silverfish and roaches. Maxforce complete granules contain a unique formula with a mixture of proteins, simple sugars, fats and complex carbohydrates in a food-based granular structure that is irresistible to insects. The great combo of food-based ingredients accommodates the changing food preferences of ant colonies and other insects, delivering superior bait acceptance and control throughout the year!

Maxforce Complete Brand Granular Insect Bait 8 oz. is a ready-to-use product for use indoors and outdoors and around buildings, on lawns, and other non-crop areas* such as residential areas, the non-food/non-feed areas of institutional and commercial establishments including warehouses, restaurants, food processing plants, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, motels, hotels, apartment buildings, schools, laboratories, computer facilities, pet shops, zoos, sewers, highway rights-of-way and medians, traffic islands, utility rights-of-way (including power lines, pipelines, aqueducts) managed turf areas (non-crop*) (including school yards, playgrounds, athletic fields, amusement parks, picnic areas, recreation areas, office parks, industrial grounds, airports, shopping centers, public parks, arboretums, public gardens, monument sites, cemeteries and mausoleums, golf courses, race tracks, fairgrounds, outdoor amphitheaters, sod farms, and ornamental nurseries).

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