Rodeo Aquatic Herbicide Glyphosate 53.8% (2.5 Gallons)

Rodeo Aquatic Herbicide 2.5 gallon Glyphosate 53.8%
Rodeo Herbicide is a very popular glyphosate Aquatic Herbicide for the control of aquatic weeds and plants. Rodeo Herbicide is effective on nearly all emergent plants like Cattails, Grasses, Bulrushes, Purple Loosestrife, Alligatorweed. Rodeo is systemic - kills the roots for multi year control. There is not a more economical way to control tall weeds. Mix the Rodeo concentrate with water and a non-ionic surfactant (Cidekick) and apply by using a back pack or Chapin sprayer. For Cattail or Lily control wait until plants are mature. Apply to dry plants. No water use restrictions. For use in: Aquatic Sites-including all bodies of fresh and brackish water which may be flowing, non-flowing or transient. This includes lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, seeps, irrigation and drainage ditches, canals, reservoirs, estuaries and similar sites.

Apply to dry plants. No water use restrictions. 2.5 gallons will cover up to 5 acres.

Product Features:
· Top choice for emerged aquatic vegetation control
· Broad-spectrum grass, broadleaf weed and brush control
· Nonselective
· Controls entire plant – roots and all
· More convenient to use in difficult-to-reach areas than mechanical methods