AGRIFORM 20-10-5 TABLETS 500 x 21 GM

Agriform 20-10-5 Planting Tablets Plus Minors Two-Year Planting Tablets for Root Zone Feeding of Trees, Shrubs and Ground Covers NEW LANDSCAPE PLANTING DIRECTIONS: Dig planting hole deeper and wider than the soil ball of the plant. Backfill hole so that proper planting depth is achieved. Place plant in the hole and backfill to halfway point. Do not place tablets in the bottom of the planting hole. Place Agriform Tablets in the hole about 1‑2 inches away from root tips. Finish filling the hole around the plant to grade level. INDOOR/OUTDOOR CONTAINERS: Make one hole per tablet 2‑3 inches in from edge of container 4‑6 inches deep. Insert tablets and close holes. ESTABLISHED LANDSCAPE Trees and Shrubs: Drill or punch holes 6‑8 inches deep around dripline and between dripline and trunk. Insert tablets and close holes.