Avenger 24 oz. Organic Weed Killer Ready-to-Use Herbicide Spray

Eco-Friendly, yet deadly to weeds Avenger Weed Killer is a non-selective, post-emergence herbicide that quickly and effectively kills weeds, grasses and broadleaves without causing harm to the environment. The active ingredient d-limonene (citrus oil) naturally strips away the waxy plant cuticle, causing it to dehydrate and die. University and independent testing results prove that Avenger Weed Killer is as effective, but faster acting when compared against leading synthetic herbicides. When tested against non-organic ‘natural’ herbicides that contain vinegar (acetic acid), citric acid, clove oil or fatty acids (soap), it is more effective with quicker results. Great for use in and around: Gardens, Lawns, Shrubs, Flower Beds, Driveways, Sidewalk, Patios, Borders, Outside Walls, Mulch Beds, Gravel Beds, Mature Trees and Ornamentals, Greenhouses, Fencerows, Foundations, Buildings, Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, Parks and Recreation Areas, Bike and Hiking Trails, Kennels and Animal Enclosures.

  • Avenger Weed Killer - the first EPA registered and approved herbicide for organic gardening
  • Non-toxic and can be used in areas near to people, pets and wildlife
  • Works in cool and cloudy conditions (as low as 40°F), does not stain brick, concrete or pavement
  • Approved for use in organic gardening by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) rule
  • EPA registered and approved, fast acting - visible results in less than 2 hours, made from oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits - pleasant citrus aroma