Lift-All 4ft. Endless Round Sling, 8,400 lb. Vertical Hitch Capacity

Tuflex Endless Sling (Yellow) 4-Foot
The Most Versatile Tuflex Roundsling
• Maintains all the basic Tuflex features plus...Promotes Safety
• Load stability and balance can be achieved by spreading sling legs.
• Saves Money
• Wear points can be shifted to extend sling life
• The most flexible style of sling

· Double wall cover for greater sling life · Color-coded capacities for quick identification · No strength loss from abrasion to cover · Chokes tighter, releases easier than other slings · Wear points can be shifted to extend sling life · Easier to inspect than any other type of sling These durable and versatile endless slings will become your first choice for synthetic slings once you’ve tried them. A double wall jacket completely covers the polyester lifting fibers. Maintains 100% of original strength until jacket damage exposes core yarns. Rotate slings to shift wear points. Color-coded to indicate capacity. Includes Tuff-Tag for permanent sling identification.

Rated Capacity (lbs)

Vertical: 8400

Choker: 6700

Basket (90): 16,800

Basket (45): 11,800