Venom Insecticide Dinotefuran - 1 lb.

Venom Insecticide (dinotefuran 70%), the leading product for control of the brown marmorated stink bug on crops. The EPA has recently reduced restrictions on venom insecticide due to the devestation to crops on the east coast from the brown marmorated stink bug. Venom insecticide from Valent, is for control of sucking and chewing insects on crops such as cotton, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables and potatoes among others. Venom insecticide should be applied from a tank sprayer or hand sprayer and should not be applied by equipment connected to a public water system. Venom Insecticide is toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or to residue on blooming crops and weeds. Do not apply Venom Insecticide or allow it to drift onto blooming plants if bees are actively foraging in the treated area.