Zeal Miticide (4x3oz. WSP Packets) Etoxazole 72%

Zeal is a Mite Growth Regulator! Zeal stops egg, larva and nymph development on contact! Eggs laid by treated adults will not hatch! Translaminar movement allows Zeal to move through the leaf, providing control where mites feed...under the leaf!

You'll get long-lasting control of Pacific Spider Mite, Two-Spotted Mite, European Red Mite, Willamette Mite and McDaniel Spider Mite in a SINGLE applicaton!

ZEAL affects all life stages of mites including eggs! ZEAL'S novel mode of action even controls mites resistant to other chemistries. It's an excellent rotation option to manage resistance.

A single application of Zeal Miticide offers long-lasting control of spider and red mites on numerous crops. Zeal's novel mode of action even controls mites that are resistant to other chemistries.