Zoecon ProBait Fire Ant Bait (4.5lbs)

For challenging ant infestations, count on ProBait® Fire Ant Bait to quickly kill nuisance ants, immediately after ingestion. Zoëcon makes professional fire ant control easy with the active ingredient, Hydramethylnon, providing fast results when you need it most.

Active Ingredients
Hydramethylnon (CAS #67485-29-4)0.73%
Fire ants, harvester, bigheaded, Argentine ants and other listed pests

ProBait® Fire Ant Bait can be applied to residential turf and landscapes, parks and golf courses. For immediate fire ant control, Zoëcon suggests using the bait when the ants are active, typically when soil temperature is greater than 60 F.

Kills the queen
Destroys the mound
Features active ingredient Hydramethylnon
Kills imported and native fire ants, harvester, Argentine ants and other listed pests

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