Topsin M WSB Fungicide (5 x 1 lb Water Soluble Bags)

Topsin M 70WP 3336 Fungicide - 5 X 1 Lb is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide used as preventive as well as curative for the effective disease management in various crops, vegetables and orchards.
Do not mix with materials containing copper or lime. Thiophanate-methyl " Same as Cleary's but 70% active." Topsin-M WSB Should be used for control of the diseases listed on the label for crops during the non-bearing years of new plantings, and on nursery stock. Always follow directions and limitations must be implemented, except for the PHI, which is not applicable for non-bearing stock. Begin applications as disease is first observed or expected. Tank mixing with a protectant fungicide is strongly recommended for resistance management.