• AVID 0.15 EC Insecticide Abamectin 2%
  • AVID 0.15 EC Insecticide Abamectin 2%

AVID 0.15 EC Insecticide Abamectin 2%

Avid 0.15 EC Miticide Insecticide is the best insecticide for mites and leaf miners. The label for Avid now includes the suppression of whiteflies, aphids, and thrips. Growers, nursery and landscape professionals depend on Avid 0.15 EC Miticide Insecticide for their ornamentals because it provides unmatched protection against leaf miners and mites. Use in your resistance management program rotation because its one-of-a-kind chemistry and mode of action.

Active Ingredient:
Abamectin - 2%

Target pests: Mites, European Red Mite, Twospotted Spider Mite, Carmine Spider Mite, Southern Red Mite, Spruce Spider Mite, Tarsonemid Mites, Cyclamen Mites, Broad Mites, Eriophyid Mites, Rust Mites, Bud Mites, Liriomyza Leafminers, Boxwood Leafminer, Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies
For use in: Shadehouses, Greenhouses, Nurseries & Field-Grown: Ornamental Plants, Foliage Plants, Christmas Trees, and other Woody Ornamentals
* See label for complete list
Application: 4 - 8 oz. per 100 gallons
* See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe: Yes, if used as directed on label
Formulation: Professional Product
Manufactured By: Syngenta

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