Configure Plant Growth Regulator - .5G Half Gallon

Configure Ornamental PGR - 0.5 Gal is an effective growth regulator for use on ornamental crops to increase lateral branching and promote flowering in certain ornamental species as the only pure 6-BA PGR.

In addition, applications of configure may reduce the overall height of the plant resulting in more compact and marketable plants.


  • Active Ingredient : Benzyladenine (BA) - 2%
  • Target : purple coneflower (echinacea spp.), plantain lily (hosta spp.), christmas cactus (schlumbergera spp.), herbaceous perennials, bedding plants and others
  • Rate : 50 - 3000 ppm(0.3 - 18 oz per gallon of water) (1 -2 quarts of finished spray solution per 100 sq.ft.