• FLORAMITE SC Insecticide (8 oz. 32 oz.)
  • FLORAMITE SC Insecticide (8 oz. 32 oz.)

FLORAMITE SC Insecticide (8 oz. 32 oz.)

FloraMite SC is a powerful miticide specifically developed to control aggressive and resistant populations of red & two spotted spider mites . It has a unique mode of action which allows 1 single application to eliminate an entire population of mites. A single dose of FloraMite SC will last on the plant for 28 days ensuring all stages of mites from egg to larvae to adult will be eradicated. (Note - this product is not systemic.) FloraMite SC is approved for use on cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers by the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

For maximum effectiveness this product requires thorough coverage of upper and lower leaf surfaces. In addition, solutions should be mixed in water with a pH of 5 to 6 and stored at room temperature (about 73.4°F.)

To ensure that Floramite remains effective utilize these application guidelines:
1. Use Floramite SC as per label recommendations.
2. Use Floramite SC as part of an Integrated Pest Management program which includes frequent monitoring, and use of beneficial insects to keep pest populations in balance.
3. Use biological controls as the first line of defense for managing spider mites; Floramite should only be applied if absolutely necessary.
4. Use Floramite sparingly when it must be used.
5. Rotate Floramite with other miticides to ensure mite populations do not develop resistance.

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