Hormodin #2 Rooting Hormone Powder 0.3% IBA - 1 lb. Jar

Hormodin contains IBA (indole-3 butyric acid), a rooting hormone, used to improve root formation on cuttings during plant propagation. For stronger rootings of cuttings, buy Hormodin today! The most popular #2 (this product) blend works best for propagating woody or semi-woody cuttings, moderately difficult-to-root cuttings. Ideal for hardwood cuttings (roses, wisteria, forsythia, most evergreens, arborvitaes, common junipers, and much more) and semi-woody cuttings (dogwoods, red buds, willows, boxwoods, and much more). 'Woody' cuttings are taken from hardwoods during the dormant months. The cuttings are taken after it has gone dormant, treated, propagated, and then allowed to callous over the winter. Once the growth starts flushing out in spring, it starts putting out roots from the callouses. 'Semi Woody' cuttings are taken in the spring from soft wood cuttings that have actually hardened off when you try to snap a twig which doesn't  bend but snaps cleanly. It is the best rooting hormone not only for roses but all cuttings.