Imidacloprid 2F Generic Merit 2F 1 Gallon

Imidacloprid Turf & Ornamental 2F by Quali-Pro is designed for the control or suppression of insects on turf grasses and ornamental plants. It is commonly used on golf courses and athletic fields. Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide that is trans-located upwards within the plant.

Target Pests
Imidacloprid T&O 2F is used for the control of annual bluegrass weevils oriental beetle masked chafers asiatic garden beetle japanese beetle mole crickets cut worms hairy chinch bugs adelgids armored scale leafminers psyllids soft scale whiteflies leafhoppers aphids fungus gnats lacebugs mealybugs root weevil leaf beetles thrips and many other insects.