Jack's Professional LX Cal-Mag Fertilizer 15-5-15 (25lbs.)

5-5-15 Calcium + Magnesium LX

Description & Key Benefits

Jack's 15-5-15 is a staple in many grower's fertilizer tool box.  This is a truly comprehensive fertilizer with all the macro and micro nutrients in one tank.  It can be mixed with other fertilizers in the Jack's LX line, which gives this formula alot of flexibility.

It contains 4% calcium and 2% magnesium (making it an ideal choice for water low in those nutrients), 80% nitrate nitrogen, and micronutrients. Ideal for times when growing conditions are less than ideal or a grower is trying to hold plants at a particular stage of growth.

Potentially basic, this formula will cause the pH in the root zone to rise over time, making this formula ideal for water types that are very pure or low in water alkalinity levels.

For use on

All plants.