Jack's Classic 12-15-30 Tomato FeEd Fertilizer 1.5 lbs

Tomato FeED 12-15-30 1.5 lbs.
Description & Key Benefits
Tomato FeED 12-15-30 is formulated for vigorous plant growth from roots to green foliage, abundant flowering and fruit set for all tomato varieties and blooming vegetables. Tomato FeED contains a micronutrient package and Magnesium for improved feeding results under diverse soil and growing conditions. It also includes Calcium, an effective nutrient to help prevent blossom end rot.

For use on
All tomatoes & peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, squash and zucchini.

Jack's Classic Tomato Feed is a water-soluble plant food with micronutrients for tomatoes and all fruiting vine vegetables and it's designed to be mixed with water for the most accurate and effective nutrient delivery to your plants. With an optimum combination of nutrients, Tomato Feed supplies the nutrients needed most by tomatoes and other fruiting vine vegetables. The higher level of the Potassium element assures a good crop and enhanced micronutrient levels produce vibrant green leaves, strong vines and more fruit. Jack's advanced formulation uses the highest quality nutrients available, delivering professional results to your home garden. All Jack's Classic products come with a free measuring spoon for precise and accurate product application and detailed instructions in each container.

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