Jack's Classic Palm Food 16-5-25 1.5 lbs. Fertilizer

Jack's Classic Palm Food is a water-soluble plant food with a blend of essential nutrients designed for the unique requirements of palms and it's designed to be mixed with water for the most accurate and effective nutrient delivery to your plants. Jack's Palm Food is formulated to prevent the build up of harmful salts while delivering additional potassium, magnesium, sulfur and micronutrients. With this optimum 16-5-25 combination of nutrients, Palm Food supplies the nutrients needed most by palms including dates, royal, queen, majesty and kentia and Lady Cycad including Sego Palm and Zamia. The higher level of Potassium assures vibrant, lush green leaves and stronger growth. Jack's advanced formulation uses the highest quality nutrients available, delivering professional results to your home garden. All Jack's Classic products come with a free measuring spoon for precise and accurate product application and detailed instructions in each container.

- Optimum combination of nutrients for palms
- High potassium for lush green leaves and strong growth
- Prevents the build up of harmful salts

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