Kelp Green Liquid Organic Fertilizer 32 oz. Southern Ag

Seaweed, which originates from the ocean's garden, is one of the best materials for an earth garden. For one thing, kelp helps stimulates soil bacteria. This, in turn increases fertility of the soil by humus formation (which feeds on the bacteria), aeration and moisture retention. Let's look at some other ways that kelp helps:

Seed germination is improved
Fruits and vegetable have a greater nutritional value
Plants have a greater resistance to nematodes, disease and pests.
Plants develop more extensive root systems, which means healthier foliage, flowers and fruit
Foliar Spray on All Plants, including Flowers & Vegetables: Mix 2-3 oz/gallon to cover 25 sqft. Apply every two or three weeks during growing season.

Lawn and Turf: Mix 6~16 oz/ 2-5 gallons of water to cover 1,000sqft. This one(1) quart can cover up to 5,300sqft. Apply 4-6 times during growing seasons.

This one(1) Quart can make up to 16 gallons covers up to 5,300sqft.

Shake well before use!