Main Event 6-0-0 10% FE 3 lbs. Water Soluble Dry Iron

Main Event Dry chelated micronutrients are specially formulated to correct nutrient defiencies in soil and plant tissue through blended extended release chelation technology. The Main Event Dry micronutrients complexes have been developed through years of research evaluating various micro nutrient sources, combinations of chelating technologies and application methods. Through this research we have achieved the correct end use ratios of blended chelation technologies to assure a seasonal release of all the elements. Main Event also contains a Complex Carbohydrate Matrix food source to feed and sustain soil Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizie.
  • Main Event Dry Iron utilize the latest chelation technologies
  • Ameliorate effects of adverse soil pH
  • Reduce soil nutrient “Tie Up"
  • Return plants to healthy normal appearance
  • Reduce and correct plant tissue deficiencies
  • Address soil nutrient interactions
  • Non Staining to concrete, clothing and equipment