Mavrik Aquaflow Insecticide 32 oz.

Mavrik Aquaflow Insecticide Miticide - Qt provides immediate, broad-spectrum insect control for use on ornamental plantings and plantscapes, flower and foliage cuttings, trees, shrubs and turf.
The fast-acting formulation kills insects - including whiteflies, aphids, thrips, root weevils, beetles, caterpillars, glassy-wing sharpshooters, and mites - on contact or through ingestion.
Apply Mavrik Aquaflow when pests are first noticed and populations are manageable. Heavy populations may require repeated application - five to seven days apart. Product residue will continue to control certain pests for up to a week or longer.
For best results under varying conditions, a range of use rates is recommended. Higher rates should be selected when pest pressure or damage potential is severe; use lower rates for mild infestations or maintenance purposes. Use the highest Mavrik Aquaflow rate for severe mite infestations. When Mavrik Aquaflow is tank-mixed with wettable powders, add the powders to the tank first, using good agitation. Buffer-spray water to pH 5-7, if necessary. Your local extension office, a pest management consultant or a Wellmark Specialist can help you select a rate and timing schedule or tank-mix combination that will render good results under specific conditions. Mavrik Aquaflow can be used alone or in conjunction with Enstar AQ Insect Growth Regulator for complete pest control. For more technical information, see the Mavrik Aquaflow Label.