Sirocco Miticide Insecticide (8 oz)

The OHP Sirocco Miticide Insecticide is an effective plant protection agent that controls pests on crops. It features a unique combination of two insecticide and miticide compounds that provides quick knockdown and residual activity on mites, insects, thrips and other pests. Sirocco is formulated using a proprietary technique, which enhances the efficacy of the active ingredients bifenazate and abamectin. The special solution associates two modes of action: one that interferes with GABA nerve receptors and one that is active on the insect or mites neurological system in an unknown fashion. Sirocco is of great fit in resistance management strategy. Target pests:Bamboo spider mite, Broad mite, Citrus red mite, Clover mite, Cyclamen mite, European red mite, Lewis mite, Pacific spider mite, Rust mite, Southern red mite, Spruce spider mite, Strawberry mite, Two-spotted spider mite * See label for complete list