Sunniland Palm Fertilizer 6-1-8 Granules 10 Lb.

Sunniland Palm Fertilizer 6-1-8

Give your palms a boost of nutrition by applying Sunniland Palm Fertilizer. This fertilizer is formulated to meet the specific needs of palms, cycads, ixoras and other acid loving plants. It contains manganese, magnesium and iron, which are essential for palm heath, and are not commonly found in Florida soils. This fertilizer also contains 50% slow release nitrogen for continuous feeding, and should be applied every 90 days to maintain the health of your palms. Apply the correct amount of fertilizer around the base of your trees by following these guidelines.

  • A premium 50% slow-release fertilizer for palms, ixoras, and all acid-loving plants

  • Contains essential iron manganese and magnesium that palms require

  • Easy to use