Superthrive Ready-to-Use Plant Vitamin Foliar Spray (23oz.)

Superthrive 23oz. Ready to Use Foliar Spray Plant Vitamin For All Plants
Superthrive is a kelp-enhanced, vitamin solution that helps build plant vigor from seeding through maturity. Trusted by professional farmers and growers since 1940, Superthrive is now available in a ready-to-use formula for the home gardener. Easy to apply'just spray foliage every 2-3 days.

Use With:
Seedlings and cuttings
Outdoor flowers and vegetables
Indoor houseplants and bonsai

Consumer Benefits:
•Pre-diluted and ready to use
•No measuring and mixing
•Grows bigger plants and blooms
•Reduces transplant shock
•Appropriate for all stages of plant growth
Directions for Use:
Use as soon as first true leaves appear
Spray both sides of leaves until moistened
Use every 2-3 days throughout plant life cycle
To avoid potential leaf burn, apply in the early morning