Diquat Aquatic Herbicide (32oz.)

Agrisel Diquat - Compare to Reward Herbicide - Diquat dibromide - 37.3%
Both Agrisel Diquat and Reward Herbicides are aquatic and landscape herbicides with the same active ingredient, Diquat dibromide - 37.3%. Agrisel's Aquatic and Landscape Diquat is more economical than Reward's Herbicide. Diquat is a non-selective, non-volatile, and fast acting herbicide. The mode of action is by absorption, interfering with photosynthesis, and with visible results in just a few days. It kills both weeds and grasses in residential and commercial areas. Use Diquat in commercial greenhouses, nurseries, ornamental seed crops*, industrial, landscape, turf renovation**, dormant established turf grass*** and aquatic areas.

Agrisel's Diquat Benefits
Provides effective aquatic and non-crop weed control
EPA labeled for most landscape, nursery, ornamental, aquatic and non-crop uses.
Kills most submerged aquatic weeds and weeds in non-crop areas
Complete aquatic label; is not harmful to aquatic animals
Works quickly with visible weed control in 1-2 days
Economical - Low use rates
More Information
*Ornamental seed crops - flowers, bulbs, except in Ca. **All turf areas except commercial turf farms ***Established turfgrass- Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass -non-food or feed crops