Captan Fungicide 80WDG - 6.25 lbs.

Captan 80WDG Fungicide - 6.25 lbs. is a wettable powder used for the control of various plant fungal diseases. 

Captan 80WDG Fungicide is a multipurpose product for ornamentals and fruits. Captan 80WDG mixes readily with water. It controls damping-off, botrytis blossom blight, anthracnose, rust, brown rots, early blight and late blight. A fungicide for use in water as a spray for the control of certain fungus diseases of fruit, vegetables and ornamental crops, and as a soil treatment for the control of certain seed rots and damping off diseases. Captan 80WDG also controls apple scab, brown rot on peaches, black rot on grapes, black spot on roses and many more diseases. The addition of Pinene II spreader-sticker improves the performance and longevity of Captan 80WDG Fungicide.

Approximate use rate: 
Fruit and Nut Crops: 1.25-5.6 pounds per acre (0.42-1.68 teaspoons per gallon)
Ornamentals and Non-Food uses: 0.625-2.5 pounds per 100 gallons (1.5-2.25 tablespoons per gallon)
See label for specific use rate.
Captan: N-Trichloromethylthio-4-cyclohexene-1,2-dicarboximide. . . . . . . 80.0%
OTHER INGREDIENTS. . . . . . . 20.0%
TOTAL. . . . . . . 100.0%