Gallery 75DF Specialty Herbicide 1 lb. Pre-emergent for Broadleaf Weeds Grasses

Gallery herbicide is a specialty pre-emergent herbicide containing the active ingredient isoxaben. Gallery 75 DF (DF stands for Dry Flowable) prevents the growth of broadleaf weeds for up to eight months and is labeled for use on all established cool-season and warm-season turfgrass types. It can even be used on 490 field-grown and 380 container-grown ornamentals, ground covers, nursery stock, non-bearing fruit and nut crops, non-bearing vineyards and non-cropland areas.

Application 0.25 to 0.5 oz per 1000 sq. ft. depending on the weeds being treated
- Some weeds may require larger concentration rates
* See label for complete application instructions