Heritage DF 50 Fungicide 1 lb.

Heritage DF 50 Fungicide

Heritage fungicide is formulated to defend against both soilborne and foliar diseases. This dry flowable (or water-dispersible granular) formulation provides for easy product mixing and tank mixing, forming a stable suspension in 1-2 minutes. Heritage delivers control at every stage of a pathogen's life cycle. This highly potent spore germination inhibitor prevents many fungal diseases before they occur and is also active after infection. To prevent infections, applications should be made well before visible disease symptoms occur.

  • Excellent fungicide for turfgrass and ornamental plants
  • Controls foliar and root diseases. Exception is dollar spot on turfgrass
  • Great for brown patch on fescue, bluegrass, ryegrasses and bentgrasses
  • Large brown patch on zoysia
  • Black spot and other foliar and root diseases on ornamental plants
  • Allows for extended application intervals up to 28 days, allowing for fewer applications