Superthrive Plant Food 4-1-1 Concentrate (32 oz.)

Superthrive Plant Food 4-1-1 32 oz. Certified Organic Fertilizer

Consumer Benefits:
•Certified Organic, OMRI listed
•Natural fish fertilizer that naturally breaks down and releases healthy nutrients into the soil
•Grows bigger plants and blooms
•Gentle on plants –won’t burn
•Eco-friendly; allows plants to take up more nutrients, reducing fertilizer run-off

Suitable for All Types of Organic Gardening, Including:
Outdoor flowers and vegetables
Indoor houseplants and bonsai
Trees and shrubs
General use: dillute 4 Tbs. of Superthrive Plant Food with 1 gallon of water
Transplanting seedlings: use a weak solution of 1 Tsp. per gallon of water
Feed every 2-4 weeks throughout plan t growth cycle.