Mojave 70 EG 5 lbs. (Compare to Sahara)

Mojave 70 EG provides complete burndown and residual bareground vegetation control on a vast number of grasses, weeds, and vines. Non-selective herbicide - will hurt desirable vegetation Translocated into and kills roots and underground storage tissue in target weeds. Long application window – spring to fall. Cost effective site prep solution – provides broad spectrum, long-lasting control. Compatible with other herbicides to maximize residual control spectrum. When applied as an oil emulsion – cuticle wax is dissolved increasing herbicide absorption and enhancing effectiveness. Weeds controlled but not limited to include: Grasses Bahiagrass Barnyardgrass Canada bluegrass Downy brome Foxtail Johnsongrass Orchardgrass Phragmites Quackgrass Rattail fescue Sandbur Smooth brome Wild barley Wild oatsWitchgrass Vines and Brambles Blackberry Bindweed (field, hedge) Kudzu Morning glory Poison ivy Brush Species Black locust Hawthorn Russian olive Willow Broadleaf Weeds Broom snakeweed Burdock Clover Corn spurrdandeliony Dock Filaree Grey rabbitbrush Groundcherry Horsenettle Japanese bamboo Knapweed (diffuse, Russian) Kochia Lambsquarters Lespedeza Milkweed Pepperweed Pigweed Puncturevine Purple loosestrife Ragweed (common, Western) Rush skeletonweed Sunflower Thistle (bull, Canada, Russian, Texas) Wild lettuce Yellow starthistle